aria sierra

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aria sierra
aria sierra
lost soul

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pacient: 666
name: sierra brittani aria,
age: 16
diagnosis: halucinations
silverstream – mental hospital

Face full of scares.
''raven, darling, tell me something. Tell me everything. Everything you know about yourself.'' he said with voice that was a mix of sympathy and condemnation.

''my name is aria sierra. i am sixteen years old. when i was ten my parents left me.'' even though she looke like an angel sent from heaven she sounded hursh and though.

my sun, my moon
we will come back, stay strong, it's urgent-
grannie will take care of you
in three years we will be back together
love, mom and dad

the paper is full of water stains and blood drops. i believe, she carries it from the day she was left alone.

''there was no grannie. 10 year old girl living on the street without a penny – for two years . not a pretty sight. i was put in a shelter for orphans when i was 12.  i was the only girl among 50 boys and i wasn't deprived of hard punches and ugly slaps. I can still tell which scar represent my nature, which scar represents which word. i was living in the dark but i've never become one. i believed one day i will pick up the pieces of fragmented life. ''

untill now, i can say everything she said is true, she doesn't lie. What is she really doing in a mental hospital?

''i've met a boy. adam. he became my brother i never had and he was the only one i could rely on. the only light at the end of the tunnel. everytime he got in trouble i dragged him out – we were each other saviours. then, we ran away, the fifth year of my parents disappearing was there, and i still believed they were coming to get me and take me away. adam convinced me that they are waiting for me. we ran. simply as that. we ran. we took the car, none of us knew how to drive, we only knew we have to drive far away from the people that wanted us to became warriors without hearts. and in the moment al i saw was fire. demaged metal, hot as hell. all i could see were people around me, i fainted. ''

the boy is the reason. halucination, the boy was only a halucination, her imagination. traumatic years in shelter that she couldn't survive alone.
''aria, are you hundred procent sure he was by your side?'' he asked gently. her chicks are red, her pupils dark and bigger evey second.
''for the love of god, adam exsisted!'' girl yelled and lifted from the dull, yellow chair.

of course.

''they said my heart literally stopped for several minutes. it was miracle that i was still alive with all the injuries i had. but here i am. Happy as never before. with my familiy. the only thing that bothers me is…i am in a freaking mental hospital! you'll make me believe, i am sick, i am crazy.'' her last words were sharp and toxic, like she was trying to make him believe her.

she is crazy.

pacient: 666
name: sierra brittani aria,
age: 23
diagnosis: halucinations
silverstream – mental hospital

''aria, my name is peter and i am your doctor. you lived here for few years, am i right?'' still the same therapist, with few years added, that made his forehead crinked and grey hair.

''yes.'' her voice is nice and gentle. i can't believe she's a psyco.

''tell me about yourself.''

''my name is raven sierra, i am 25 years old, i was diagnoset as halucinative. for three years i lived in a hospital. my parent left me when i was 10 and i was in a shelter for orphans for 3 years. then i ran away. i had halucinations. ''

''good, very good'' he said indistincly, writing something. ''that is all. your medical condition has improved remarkably. i think we will never see eachother again.'' than he just left.

''my name is aria sierra, and i lied. i know i am not crazy, deep down i know adam is still out there, he lefted me but he is still my brother from another mother, and i will find him and they'll know my true story. ''
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kayla brown
kayla brown

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you have been

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Here's what we do, all of us
We come and we go
And the time in between is precious
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aria sierra

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