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 thanatos nightingale

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thanatos nightingale
grim reaper

ObjavljaNaslov sporočila: thanatos nightingale   Čet Jul 24, 2014 5:12 am

dear habitants of shadow creek,

if you knew i was here, i'm sure you would be desperate to know why. why would one of the death's closest employees decided to appear in the city so small and so insignificant as shadow creek? well dear humans, i'm going to be completely honest with you; i am here to kill you. it's nothing personal - just a mere business. you should be grateful rather than frightened, really. after all your death is going to save your children, your grandchildren, all the generations about to come. your sacrifice is going to fix the balance of nature the same way your existance has created chaos.

i have already pledged to be honest, so i won't lie to you now; your ending won't be pleasant. not even close. not at all. you are not going to die peacefully in your sleep or in hands of your lover, just as you are not going to leave this world quickly or in blissful daze. no, you should prepare yourself for the pain - the worst pain you have ever felt, if we're completely exact. you should expect blood and broken bones. you should expect violance and gore. you should expect betrayal and broken heart. you should be prepared for chaos. because that is the shape of ending coming for you. why? because, my dear humans, the fact that it's just business, doesn't necessarily mean i'm not going to enjoy it the best way i can.

and no dear humans, whatever you think, whatever you hope, you will never find me as the great culprit. firstly because you don't really believe in supernatural - all those deaths, all those accidents, they are just mere coincidence for you, aren't they? and secondly because... well thanatos nightingale is a moderately good person, isn't he? he has his flaws of course - just as any other person - but good traits kind of beat the bad ones, isn't that right?

he was born in the city and had lived here for almost ten years before his parents died in a horrible car accident and he was sent across the state to live with his only remaining relative. no one imagined he would ever return, but after almost seventeen years he had - presumingly because the city is the only thing reminding him of his dead parents and he never wants to forget them. he has built himself a life here - bought an aparment, bought an old pub and started renovating it.

he has been constantly surrounded with people, but no one has noticed the darkness behind his eyes. and no one ever will - at least not until it's too late.

sincerly yours,
grim reaper

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rhys elton

ObjavljaNaslov sporočila: Re: thanatos nightingale   Čet Jul 24, 2014 5:13 am

you have been

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thanatos nightingale

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