arabella vaughan

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arabella vaughan
arabella vaughan
lost soul

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"okay miss vaughan, so let's see... MRI, EEG and CT are done... yeah, brain structure is pretty damaged... well, the best option to know exactly where we are is to do AMI which is actually just an autobiographical memory interview. you could do that, right?"
"of course, dr. harper"
"nice. you're really brave girl, you know that right? anyway, i just want you to know i'm an psychologist and what i hear in this room, stays in this room. you can and you should trust me completely. the only way we'll know how strong your amnesia really is, okay?"
"so we'll start with... your childhood of course. tell me all about it. start with the first memory you can remember. okay?"
"yea, uh... sure. my first memory would probably be... i was around four and it was this warm, sunny, beautiful summer day. my parents took me and my two older brothers to the beach. i love beach. i loved it back than and i love it now. and i can remember the smell of the sea and smell of the sand... i was so happy. my brothers were playing ball and i can remember when whale covered my feet for the first time. water was cold, but i still laughed. my mom and dad were sitting in towel, hugging each other, smiling at us..."
"that seems really nice, miss vaughan."
"it was. i can probably remember this moment because as a child, i played it in my head so many times. that moment was giving me hope that someday i might see the beach again and not feel emptiness i felt each day after that one."
"to feel emptiness at age four is kinda strong word, isn't it?"
"you aren't from shadow creek, are you?"
"why the grin in your face?"
"because every local at shadow creek knows that my father didn't really had luck with his wives.
my mom passed away day after beach day. she took sleeping pills. suicide.
maybe after all there wasn't just flowers and happiness back then at the beach.
yea, i think i'm done for today."

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skylar grey
skylar grey

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you have been

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arabella vaughan

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