adam hudson

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adam hudson
adam hudson
fragile bones

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ObjavljaNaslov sporočila: adam hudson   adam hudson Icon_minitimeSre Jul 30, 2014 9:14 am

i seriously hope this time it's ok ...

kitsune. idk. aeon ~
adam hudson
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nyihihihihihi ... NYOHOHOHOHOHAHAHAHA that was SO funny! the way it exploded was simply amazing and the expression on that guy's face ... i'm dying, help me, this is so amazing! hm ... i better get serious. ehehe ... who am i kidding, i can't be serious!
many people would say i'm insane. i don't know why. is it the fact, that i have a coffin in my house? it's not like i'm there all the time, i only sleep there and have my afternoon snacks. and also cats. and sometimes even dogs go inside and take a nap. or maybe they think i actually use a stoller to scare the birds away. i only did that once. but i found out that the trolley does the job better, it's louder. and stealing a trolley isn't even that easy, you know, new york's macy's has a good security sistem. to be honest, it was one hell of a ride to the airport! nyahahaha ... hehe ...
my biggest disappointment in my life was so tragic. i was riding a unicorn, we were dancing on a rainbow and then i suddenly woke up and realized i was dreaming. and i always wanted a unicorn! a big, fluffy one with a long tail and nice teeth. and i believe one day i will get it.
people would also say i'm crazy. which basically means the same as insane so i don't bother with that. and again, i don't really know why they think that. a toiled in my backyard is not that outstanding and i do not use it like some people think. it's for my cats and dogs so they don't drink from the one i actually do use. hm, i'm starting to think they found out about my hidden treasure, buried under a small graveyard i have. i better move it ... oh, also, i heard someone saying that i should join a circus. i did! but they fired me due to my incredible ability to burn down the tent every time i spit fire.
sometimes i pretend to be a grim reaper which i always wanted to be SO BADLY! but i am not. instead i have to kill those innocent dead people who probably deserve to live if you ask me. i mean, come on. i can't just kill. it's almost the same as if i burned down the whole planet. which i haven't quite managed to do yet.
but i know that i am awesome. seriously, what is not awesome about coming to work every day with a trolley? and how awesome it is to scare people when you're sneeking around at night, dressed as death or a giant bat! nyaaaaa you should see those faces they almost make me pee but i always cry and sometimes even roll on floor because they are so funny! and how awesome it is to just laugh and be relaxed.

but there's more behind the cover of this book. why don't you read it? we'll see if anyone will still be laughing after it ehehehehe

what can i say, i needed money. i started at the age of eighteen. my family was ... gone. and i had to survive somehow, even though the money i stole from my neighbours was enough for a nice life. i wasn't satisfied with nice. i wanted perfect. and i deserve perfect. so i found that man i started working for and it was very interesting ...

i was mike chang and i worked as a journalist. my victim's name was anne cindy, she was a lovely girl, about twenty years old and my job was easy. almost too easy. she was so naive. i had to tape it. so i did and it was wonderful, i could hear her beg and cry as i slowly squeezed my arms around her neck. too bad, little angel. she bit me but i only laughed at her and slapped her face so hard, she closed her eyes and passed out. her eyes never opened again, squeezed her neck until her chest stopped moving and she fell in my arms lifeless. the check i got was big and i enjoyed the experience. but i wanted more. so i asked for more.

as i became jim, i knew things would get more interesting. the next girl i had to get rid of was a fighter. it was more fun, more wild and absolutely better paid. her screams were almost as loud as the loudest screams in the world and i had to tie a rope around her mouth even though we were in the middle of nowhere, completely alone. right before i cut off her head i untied her and enjoyed her sweet, sweet cry for help when she was really helpless.
i did think it maybe is too much even for me so i retired for a month or two - but i just had to go back and continued my dirty job.

ah, sweden. that one was never my favorite tho the victim was quite interesting. it all happened at her home, in her room. i made it look like suicide and made sure the camera caught it all. she had schizophrenia so i didn't bother with how her parents will react. but i got an idea and showed up as a social worker at the parents' house, comforting them and later executing them both, as well as their second daughter, sweet innocent lila. when the police came i said by the time i got here, it was already too late. i got it all on tape and got another huge check, but i knew they will figure out the family didn't just kill themselves, so i had to run and moved to a country i liked a lot. it was so lovely.

as i said, lovely. so was my next victim, beautiful laura who had also had a small criminal record. she was sixteen and she was trying to succeed in fashion industry as a model and luckily for her, i just happened to be a well known photographer. it was not hard for me to seduce her but that girl had some skills. unfortunately for her, i was already a sensei while she was still a student at karate and she didn't have a chance. her neck cracked so loudly i could hear it and the camera did too. i won that time and i knew i am close to the perfection i was looking for.

some time has passed, i got richer and richer and i thought to myself 'i could compete with the damned president of whatever country!' so i did. and i killed his son. he fell into the river and drowned, they said. but he died in my bath tub. under my hands. i won't be showing my face in netherlands anymore, that's for sure. but my criminal journey continued as i went to another interesting country, japan...

nobody would recognize me and that wasn't a surprise for me anymore. they bought every word i said and i soon became an agent of a famous jpop band. they were cute. we had an emergency meeting, very important for business. my business. one by one they stopped breathing while i was touching them, making their last moments a bit more relaxing. oh yes. that was a story and a half. i could also say the same for the check i got.

another two years passed and i earned more money and killed more people than anyone could ever imagine. then the trouble began. i was the most wanted killer in the world and they wanted me dead. so i decided to play the game and helped them looking for me. they found me. hanged in my own kitchen with a knife stabbed into my stomach. i watched their faces when they saw a fake me with no sign of life. i was shocked together with them and amazed by my own abilities. what skill have i not mastered yet? love. but that's what i never thought about and never even needed. when i got myself fired at the police, i was already twenty three and i thought i might take a rest from this. so i took all the money i had which was impossible for me to count and ran into that sweet town called shadow creek.
my real identity was never known and it never will be, my age might be slightly different from one i'm telling and who knows, maybe one day i go and return as a cowboy from old west. and who knows. your clock might be ticking.
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jonathan sykes
jonathan sykes
fragile bones

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you have been

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adam hudson

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